Billy Graham Crusade in Alaska

I have been active in evangelism and witnessing ever since I came to know Jesus Christ almost thirty-three years ago.

I soon realized that I had a hunger for lost souls.

I started witnessing from the beginning of my salvation experience. That was in Anchorage, Alaska. I was so fortunate to be chosen a co-laborer in the soon to be held Billy Graham Crusade and was able to go through most all of their training for witnessing and counseling for those who came forward at the meetings.

The crusade directors put out a call to all of the evangelical churches in Alaska asking for their ten best to be trained to be counselors. There were 3500 of us in all. I have no idea how I, as a new Christian, got in, but I did.

Most of the attendees were deacons, bible study teachers, associate pastors, church staffers and of course pastors and me, a six month Christian. Essentially what the director did in these six weeks was lead us all very thoroughly through a plan of salvation while teaching us basic and compact relational evangelism.

As a new Christian, I had no pre conceptions and I was taking in everything like a sponge. The teaching was comprehensive. At the end of the six-week session, the director did an alter call for those who would want to come to know and trust Jesus Christ.

Some three hundred and fifty of these church leaders came forward.

I was fascinated at the very least by this response. I wondered how these men and women could have functioned so long in their positions not knowing they were children of God. I was starting to understand the importance of being thorough when witnessing.

Shortly afterward, I moved back to Houston and joined a large evangelical church and I have been there ever since. Using my witnessing gift, I did many things, but most significantly, I became a new member counselor. Over thirty years, I counseled over 2500 new members to join our church and showed them the way to salvation through Jesus Christ. Most all of those times, I used a little tract that fits into your shirt pocket that can be presented in five to ten minutes. (In time to get the kids out of nursery) I have been frustrated with this process for many years and that is why I wrote How to be Child of God. It is complete, comprehensive, thorough and easy to read and understand with its big type and colorful pictures.

Furthermore, the NLT scripture references are in modern English.

So, why not take a look and see if this suits you and church or your ministry?

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