We recently started Facebook page for How to be a Child of God. The page is separate from the Prison Evangelism Facebook page and aimed at a different audience. We wanted the Prison Evangelism page to basically be a support and advocate for the ministry while the How to be a Child of God page could be a place to promote the awareness of the book as a separate entity.

The results are mixed so far as both pages are really about the same thing; bringing lost souls to know Jesus Christ. I am still trying to find my bearings on this, but some success is being achieved in these early days of discovery.

When we put a label like Prison Evangelism on a subject like a Facebook page, we are obviously going to attract those who have an interest in prisons, prisoners, and evangelism. On the other hand, a page or site that is titled How to be a Child of God should draw anyone who is interested in lost souls anywhere or better, to learn how to be a child of God themselves. In any case, the audience begs to be larger for those who might be attracted to @How to be a Child of God Facebook page
As it turns out, God has given Prison Evangelism a unique mission and that is to print and distribute this wonderful little book two some two million men and women who are incarcerated in twenty-one hundred prisons throughout the United States. He has given us the addresses of these two million at these twenty-one hundred locations. What an answered prayer for an outreach leader or evangelist! We know the mission of @Prison Evangelism, Inc and it’s Facebook page. That site performs well as intended.

The other site @How to be a Child of God on Facebook has not really found its mission, but hopefully thinking and writing through this today will bring that mission into focus. We do know the ultimate mission is to draw any lost souls to salvation through faith and trust in Jesus Christ. The difference in the two sites is the audience intended. The one is aimed at prisons and the other is targeting those who are outside and have a heart for lost souls or those who are lost, but probably more of the former.
As I meander through these thoughts and seek to find the answer and bring this mission into focus, I am thinking the mission is being accomplished. All that is really needed is an expanded or ever expanding audience. That means to increase the “like” number for the How to be a Child of God page on Facebook. That is done with money or paid ads and through good, informative, relevant and timely postings. So there we have it. If that can be accomplished, we will have greater participation on this page and the problem will be resolved.

The best scenario is for those who have a heart for evangelism to find and love or like the How to be a Child of God Facebook page and be drawn to the website howtobeachildofgod.com where they can purchase copies of our book in quantity. We can then use the proceeds to buy more books for free distribution into prisons. We shall see if all of this comes into focus for the author and the mission ultimately is accomplished.

David Howell
Prison Evangelism, Inc.
510 Bering Drive
Suite 300
Houston, Texas 77057

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