Full Gospel

When I think of full gospel, I think of telling the complete story of the good news of Jesus Christ. We have become satisfied with the partial gospel in its presentation for the sake of time and expediency.
As a new member counselor for thirty years in one of America’s largest churches, I have explained the gospel, witnessed, or counseled three thousand individuals to membership into that church. Many of those heard the Word of God for the first time in their lives. In my opinion, they only heard part of the good news presented, because we only presented a partial story.

Somehow, we have become happy with the idea of spending five minutes with a person to have them make the most important decision in their lives. Interestingly, we will spend untold hours in therapeutic session with a person to undue behavior problems brought about by the wrong thinking we are trying to remedy.

One day long ago, a good thinking Christian person decided that we should all be evangelists and we should have a witnessing tract that would tell the story of Jesus with stick figures and large type inside of five minutes. This same witnessing tract should fit into a person’s front shirt pocket, thus limiting witnessing mostly to men.

I have used tracts like this with great frustration for thirty years and I have had at least some success with the 3000 I have presented this information to. That is, they said the sinner’s prayer at the end and then left to pick up the kids from the nursery.

I felt coming to Christ to be a destination event and should be treated with special care.

How to be a Child of God is a fifty-two page witnessing book laden with illustration that portray the story and the great news of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ. We made the booklet to have the illustrations for the main purpose of cutting back on the number of printed words that would be needed to tell this story. They say a picture takes the place of a large number of words.

The book has large type with scripture references in a modern day translation at the bottom of each page. The references are expanded to their full content in the back of the book. Altogether, there are two hundred forty-three verses expanded in this text. Not a bad bible study by itself. The best part is the section that tells the reader how to tell his story and another that tells how to witness. It is complete and thorough. The book can be used as a witnessing tool one to another, a bible study, or a self proclaimer. It is designed for a lone man or woman in prison cell or anywhere else to read and come to know his Lord Jesus Christ.

See for yourself if this is not the best witnessing tool, new member package or general outreach tool your church ever had.

Read it and watch it at: www.howtobeachildofgod.com.

Look at 101 testimonies at: www.prisonevangelism.com

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Prison Evangelism, Inc.
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