Give it away to keep it

We forget that all are sinners and just keep sinning. In the process, we believe we are alone in this and there are others out there that don’t sin and they are much better Christians than we might be.

So we sit and soak up sermon after bible study lesson and leave the heavy lifting of Christian responsibility to those who are better and don’t sin or don’t sin as much or as bad as we do. At the very least, the better Christians know more bible and can quote more scripture. Maybe they are bible study teachers or maybe even deacons. Bottom line is most of us don’t carry the message to others and our numbers as Christians seem to be shrinking as a result.

The lack of confidence for a Christian believer to step out in his faith and at the very least share his own faith with another is epidemic. I believe it is a matter of education and can be remedied with enlightenment or simple instruction and sharing some knowledge.

You came to know Christ in your own unique way. It happened by a person telling you about Jesus, a bible study or Sunday school instructor with the right story and the right time, the Holy Spirit meeting you face to face at a revival meeting, a special sermon at a certain time. Maybe it was a mom or a grandmother praying and talking to you about Jesus. Maybe you were alone and desperate and realize you were in need of a Savior and personally cried out to God.

Whatever way you came to salvation, it was unique for you. And if you told what happened to you, no one could refute it or challenge your version in any way. This is the key to witnessing. You must have the boldness to tell your story and what happened to you that you wanted Jesus Christ in your life.

One of the most interesting parts of How to be a Child of God is the witness section. It shows step by step how to pass on your faith. The section shows a simple four step procedure for bringing someone closer to knowing Jesus just by telling your story. It is a simple and easy way to learn to tell your story and learn how to lead others to Christ. Again, no one can challenge or refute what happened to you. By spreading your faith, you strengthen you faith. You keep it and strengthen you faith by giving it away.

Watch the video and read the ebook at: Pass it on!

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