I’m already saved

How to be a child of God is a colorful, shiny little book to see. It is inviting to look at and when I open it show people the pictures and color inside, they are generally impressed. I know the book has eye appeal. Also, it looks brief and easy or a quick read for most.

When I offer our book to most church people, they hand it back and explain they are already saved and give the impression that they don’t need a book like that. Nine of ten times, the decision is based only on the title of the book, How to be a Child of God.

Why is that?

Are we so sure of our salvation that we don’t want to look into it anymore? I remember when I was saved in Anchorage, Alaska and was baptized, I still could not quite believe that what had happened had really happened. I could not believe I had been forgiven of all my sins…

I knew the scope of my wrongdoings.

I had trouble grasping the idea of being 1.) a new and reborn creature 2.) a spiritual being 3.) forgiven of my sins. One if not all was too much for me to imagine or hope for. I just could not believe it. I walked the aisle of a one church, a revival at the next or another for all sorts of reasons for two years. The basic reason was I was unsure of this gift of forgiveness, unconditional love, eternal life and a restored life through Jesus Christ. But that was me.

I really don’t know why people take so much time coming to know Jesus. And for the most part, when that person does pray to receive Christ, he is finished. As if he has finally bought the fire insurance policy after thinking if over for a lengthy time and now it is time to go on to something else.

That bit of business has been taken care of. I think many are missing the boat of abundant living because they have never been taught what it means and entails to be saved. Most think salvation means that you go heaven when you die. The truth is you have already died and you have been born again.

God is ready for you to begin living a fruitful, loving, joyful life as a spiritual being even while on the planet earth and dressed in earth suits. The complete story is available to be read, encountered and lived when you find out your identity in Christ. It is all to be seen in the book and video at: howtobebachildofgod.com

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