Power of a picture

How to be a child of God was always meant to be a small book. Not a pamphlet or a booklet, but a small book. It needed to say a lot because there is a lot to say in presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ and moreover, there is a lot that needs to be said or discovered if one is to surrender or give their lives and their hearts to their Savior known as Jesus.

The only way the book could be small is to substitute words for pictures. That process slowed the end product from completion by two or three years because the author had so many communications issues with artists. Some of the artists did not want to do the job at all as it was “spiritual work” not commercial. Two that I contacted believed this no matter what I said. Another was a wonderful artist and grasped the ideas wonderfully well, but he was a perfectionist and could never finish the work due to it never being good enough for him. Finally, I found Randy Rogers who was a starving artist of sorts, but he absolutely loved Jesus and we had been to some of the same places or rather nightmares in our other lives and understood each other very well. I was able to communicate my desires in an illustration and Randy drew that image. I wish I could think of and had the money to have him do forty or fifty more of his wonderful illustrations.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that was the concept I was after in designing this little book. If true, I could pack the information of a 150 page book into only fifty eight pages of compact and illustrated and easy to read text with large type. That is exactly what we did. We delivered a 150 page book compacted to a 58 page book and made it simple and acceptable to a man in a cell who reads on a sixth grade level.

With 243 verses throughout, the book can also double as a devotional or bible study booklet. The witness edition has a section on How to tell your story and it is followed by another section on How to witness. So the little book does a lot of things. It is first a book of salvation and how to come to know Jesus Christ. Secondly, it is a book instructing you to tell your story and then how to witness by telling your story and using the book. Later, it can be a devotional an primer for bible study with it’s 243 easy to read and understand NLT verses in the back. For father study, there is a book reference section listing many other resources teaching the same line of thinking as How to be a child of God. That being the message of the cross. Galatians 2:20. Watch the video, see the interactive, read the ebook in thirteen languages and share all with whomever you wish at no cost. If you need these book for your evangelism or outreach program, you can order from the Purchase Books tab on the welcome page. All on this same website: www.howtobeachildofgod.com.

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