How to Tell Your Story

Everyone who has come to know Jesus should begin telling their story right away to others. You don’t have to wait until you know more, achieve more, or believe more. If you have had a genuine encounter with God, a spiritual awakening, a salvation or conversion experience, then you can and should share what has happened with people you know. You have the privilege and responsibility of passing on the good news of Jesus Christ.

You have come to know Christ in your own unique way. And when you tell others what you experienced, no one can refute it or challenge your version in any way. This is the key to witnessing—you must have boldness to tell your story and what happened to you when you wanted Jesus Christ in your life.

It comes down to three points.


How It Was

When you remember the event of your encounter with Christ, you may remember some of the events leading up to that encounter. You can certainly remember what your life was like before you came to know Him. Some of our stories are more hellish than others, but we have each lived in our own personal “hell.” So we give a brief recounting of how our life was when we were utterly dependent on ourselves.


What Happened

The middle part of the story usually has to do with events leading up to our calling out to God. Oftentimes it might be a form of brokenness, a crisis, economic distress, loss of one form or another, health issues, etc.—something that shows us we are not masters of the universe. We come to a place where we cannot solve our problems anymore, so we reached out to find out if there is a heavenly Father. We prayed for Jesus to come and take over our lives, and He did exactly that.


How It Is Now

When Jesus comes to live in our lives, we cannot remain the same. Some people begin to change more quickly than others, but change always occurs. After a while, we mature in our new spiritual life and start to realize that we are different from what we used to be. This is when we have a story or a testimony to relay to others. The shortest form of this is, “I was blind, but now I see.”